Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan.

Yesterday i was devastated when i saw the sentence,
'Japan hit by Tsunami.'
'Earthquake 8.6 hit Japan.'

And i found out about this through Facebook. Most of my friends posted this and they gave out warnings to numerous countries eg; Phillipines, Papua New Guinea, etc.
But there was one country i worried the most, Sabah, Malaysia.
It was said Sabah will be hit by Tsunami fr 6pm till 12am. WOW.
That scared the hell out of me. And true enough most of these countries were hit by Tsunami.
In recent news, almost 50% of the world has been hit by Tsunami.
All i can think of is.. Wow mother nature must be really pissed off with us.

To make things worse, a nuclear plant in Japan exploded.
And you know what happens when this happens. RADIOACTIVE IS EVERYWHERE.
No no, enemy number 1. Radioactive is airbond and can cause cancer.
Worse, humans may give birth to mutants, which people will not accept in this world.
So i decided. Not to buy food from Japan for at least half a year.
So that i don't get radioactive-d.
So, you are advised to not go to Japan this year.
It's dangerous, trust me.

For all the disaster that had happen, it is our responsibility to pray.
Close your eyes and pray. Ask for forgiveness. Every prayer counts.


They are in need of help. Very much.
Watch the news and you'll know their position.

On behalf of them, i would like to say thanks (: